University Research Conference 2020 | Page 13

James Harte KIDS Analysis of Child Soldiers in Africa The KIDS analysis public service announcement is a breakdown of how to inform and spread awareness of the inhumanities that are happening to children on the continent of Africa with a specific focus on the trafficking of children into armed conflicts. Lauren Huff Organ Trafficking This poster will be about organ trafficking and its correlation with the criminal justice system, specifically human trafficking. Nicole Michaels Prostitution & Law Enforcement This presentation will show a possible solution to a better relationship between prostitutes and law enforcement. Prostitutes who are involved in human trafficking, specifically sex trafficking, might try to reach out for help. However, law enforcement might focus on other factors, such as immigration status, criminal behavior and/or even blame the victim for being in this situation. The trafficker will be let go, and the victim will take the blame. Laura Pelczar Super Bowl Attraction to Sex Slave Opportunity Each year, the Super Bowl serves as a sex trafficking magnet. What is known to many authorities as the “single largest human trafficking incident in the United States,” the Super Bowl attracts millions of people from all around the country. With this being said, there are many factors that contribute to this trafficking that focus on supply and demand, a key principle of trafficking. 11