UnBox Your Kitchen Journal "The Sampler" "The Sampler" Issue | Page 6

UnBox Your Kitchen adventure has been incubating for years. I was motivated to become a health coach for two reasons. First – I wanted to understand why I was developing food allergies at an alarming rate and how I could help others living with similar issues. Secondly, I was astounded at the number of people who had no idea how to prepare what I consider a healthy meal.

It was common for the young women I worked with at a former job to ask what’s for lunch and how did I make it. I brought leftovers to eat at lunchtime. I’d make a huge pot of soup and freeze most of it in one pound containers. Or, I’d make extra pasta and freeze it for another meal. I was always preparing an extra serving or two to freeze to take for lunch. One of the best investments I ever made (and it only cost $20.00) was a single-serving crock pot. When I got to work, I’d plug it in under my desk and by lunchtime the frozen meal was steaming hot. When I’d open the lid, I could hear everyone in the office inhale deeply, enjoying the aroma of my home cooked meal (I’d also quickly realize when I’d added too much garlic!).

Several of the gals asked me over and over to give them cooking lessons so they could prepare similar meals and desserts for their families. I was reluctant; not because I didn’t want to show them how, but rather because I felt incompetent and silly teaching them. I missed a wonderful opportunity to show those young women how to whip up a pan of mashed potatoes, saute’ vegetables, cook stir-fry and bake cinnamon sweet rolls. I created