UKISS Whitepaper ©2022 | Page 16


The Metaverse Survival Kit

The UKISS Ecosystem , made up of the Hugware ® , Suite of Digital Security Applications , crypto wallet , and the upcoming UKISS Blockchain and DID wallet , provides the complete package for anyone embarking on a new adventure into the metaverse .
Here ’ s how :
Identity : Avoid identity or deed theft by securing your verified credentials as DIDs , which may include virtual land , and be used with the Hugware and UKISS Blockchain . Now you can explore Web3 without manually verifying your identity or virtual ownership over and over again .
Data : The metaverse will connect you to a deluge of third-party platforms like games and entertainment . Avoid exposing your data to these platforms with two-factor authentication using DIDs - secured with the Hugware . Don ’ t give your public key , number or email address away .
Assets : There are many virtual collectables to shop in the metaverse . Ensure that you secure your cryptocurrencies and NFTs with the UKISS crypto wallet - further secured by Hugware - to avoid being robbed .
Documents : Decentralised platforms can provide multiple entryways for hackers to get a hold of your documents . Make sure you back up your files and encrypt them with the UKISS Suite of Digital Security Applications , secured by Hugware .
Digital proofs for identity , credentials , and assets will be part and parcel of life in Web3 . When that happens , people will need a simple and secure infrastructure to help support and manage them – more information about our plan to build a Self-Sovereign Identity and Security framework in Part I . Go to the next section for more details about the UKISS Blockchain .