UKISS Whitepaper ©2022 | Page 15


UKISS Suite of Digital Security Applications

We believe that having data privacy discipline can protect individuals from cybersecurity threats . The UKISS Hugware ® and Suite of Digital Security Applications form a starter pack for anyone looking to integrate data and document privacy into their everyday lives .
UKISS intends to introduce four new applications each year , ensuring audits before release . These applications will be accessible through the one-stop UKISS Hub application , secured with the Hugware . They will include but are not limited to :
Keep frequently accessed sensitive documents safe from prying eyes when you store them in an encrypted folder that only you can unlock ; secure and convenient storage at your disposal .
Protect your files from ransomware . Let Hugware guard critical files on your device with its state-of-the-art authentication technology .
Fortify your backup and prevent online leaks when you store them locally or in the cloud . U-Archive is a safe space : fully encrypted , concealed , and only accessible to you .
Share files with your loved ones and your loved ones only . Keep encrypted files secure within your social circles when sending them across the internet and social media platforms . Files remain secure after download and when stored on recipients ’ devices .
Key in passwords online without compromising privacy . Our encrypted digital vault secures your login information across apps , online accounts , and devices .
All applications will be available on an annual subscription basis , with complimentary first-year subscriptions for a fixed number of early adopters ($ KISS holders will enjoy discounts ).