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Pella ’ s annual Tulip Time festival is made possible by thousands of volunteers who dedicate their time and expertise to ensure visitors have the ultimate Dutch experience . Read about a few volunteers who have dedicated many years of their lives to help make Tulip Time a one-of-a-kind destination for visitors from all over the world .

Lori Clark

what work do you do / have you done as a volunteer ?
Currently , I am the volunteer coordinator for the Scholte House and give tours through the house . I am also in charge of South Holland for the Parade of Provinces . Throughout the years , I have given tours through the Historical Village . And , like most everyone in town , I ’ ve done street scrubbing .
How long have you been volunteering ? I have volunteered for more than 40 years , since my children were small .
why did you start volunteering ? I grew up in Pella , and I have always loved my community and its rich heritage . Volunteering seemed like the natural thing to do .
what do you love most about Tulip Time ? I love sharing our history with those that visit .
what is your favorite food to eat at Tulip Time ? The poffertjes !
Photo : Lori Clark and her grandblessing , Daiva Van Maanen .

Ivan Mulder what work do you do / have you done as a volunteer ?

My fi rst volunteer jobs included carrying a fl ag in Tulip Time ' s Parade of Provinces as part of the daily afternoon celebration from the Tulip Toren , as well as carrying a Province Flag on the parade route for an afternoon and an evening parade each year . I served as a member of the Pella Historical Society and Museums Board of Directors from 1999-2020 , and part of that time as a member of the Scholte House Committee . My interest in woodworking had me constructing a number of kiosks for electronic story-telling devices and refurbishing the Bologna Cart , pushed in
the parade route by family members . For 20 years or so , I ' ve operated the street organ Goliath , not only at Tulip Time , but also for other special times throughout the year . I enjoy being a guide for tours of the Scholte House , the Vermeer Windmill and the Dutch Miniature Village . My most recent volunteer involvement is the oversight of the Dutch Miniature Village , along with the creativity of helper Larry Toom .
How long have you been volunteering ? I ’ ve been volunteering since 1985 .
why did you start volunteering ? My family had a special reason to be involved in 1985 Tulip Time when our daughter Geselle ( Steenhoek ) was chosen as Tulip queen . It was also the 50th Anniversary of Tulip Time which meant getting decked out in authentic Dutch costumes , including klopen ( wooden shoes ). There are many wonderful memories of that year participating in the numerous special events to promote Tulip Time . The costume and shoes still come out every year !
what do you love most about Tulip Time ? All my ancestors immigrated from The Netherlands . It ' s quite natural to respect one ' s roots , and Pella ' s Tulip Time provides a unique opportunity to be reminded of the rich heritage I enjoy . A Tulip Time bonus is the involvement of my great-grandchildren , who come to enjoy the festivities and carry on the tradition .
what is your favorite food to eat at Tulip Time ? A " sweet tooth " is easy to satisfy , not only during Tulip Time . Pella is a destination city for several reasons , not the least is food ! Besides bakeries , there are meat markets and Dutch food eateries . My go-to Dutch treats include poffertjes ( mini pancakes ), frikandels ( a minced meat hot dog ), Dutch saucijsjes ( pig-in-the-blanket ) and the Double Dutch Sandwich ( Pella bologna and gouda cheese ).
Jaren Steenhoek
what work do you do / have you done as a volunteer ? I volunteer making wooden shoes in Werkplaats , located in the Pella Historical Village .
How long have you been volunteering ? I have been volunteering and making wooden shoes for 15 years .
why did you start volunteering ? I was looking for a place to keep an old world trade alive by showing visitors how a craftsman would have made a wooden shoe using the equipment of the 1920s .
We show the tools and how they were made before machines as well . The most interesting part is talking to the many visitors that stop by to see what we are doing and also ask many questions . I enjoy the interaction with visitors the most . Another interesting part happens behind the scenes which is maintaining and servicing the early 1900s machines to make sure they run for everyone to see .
what do you love most about Tulip Time ? Tulip Time is a festival that brings together the community to remember the founding
of Pella , but even more I would say it is a reunion to bring back people that have lived here years ago along with our children and grandchildren . This is what I enjoy about Tulip Time the most .
what is your favorite food to eat at Tulip Time ? That could be the hardest question of all , but you will fi nd some of the best bratwurst and funnel cakes with whip cream and strawberries anywhere at Tulip Time .

Gary Timmer

what work do you do / have you done as a volunteer ? My major involvement at Tulip Time is to greet our guests who arrive by chartered bus . Each day , 50 to100 busses with 30 to 50 passengers each arrive at the information windmill at the square . I recruit four or fi ve other greeters to help welcome our guests . We get on the bus , and our goal is to lay out their schedule for the day . They have tickets , and we prescribe a schedule for them to maximize their day . We tell them where they will meet their bus at the end of the day , tell a few Dutch jokes , get them
laughing and turn them loose — confi dent and smiling .
How long have you been volunteering ? In the mid-1970s , I saw the busses arrive , and after unloading , I asked if they had any questions . I then realized we needed to do that while they were on the bus . We have been doing that for over 40 years .
why did you start volunteering ? I started volunteering so our guests can really maximize their visit . The bus drivers are most appreciative of our efforts to serve their passengers . They become
great ambassadors !
what do you love most about Tulip Time ? I enjoy witnessing people enjoying themselves and sharing with us what a great community Pella is .
what is your favorite food to eat at Tulip Time ? Poffertjes .
Photo : Gary Timmer and his granddaughter , Kylie Roslien .
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