Trustnet Magazine Issue 21 September 2016 | Page 3

IN THIS ISSUE 6 20 14 10 THE END OF THE RAINBOW Pádraig Floyd finds out how to make the most of your (pension) pot of gold P. 2-5 / LOOK AFTER THE PENNIES Robin Powell offers five reasons why tracker funds are well suited to the growth stage of your pension P. 6-9 / HELP FOR HIPSTERS How can Millennials kick-start their retirement saving? Daniel Lanyon finds out P. 10-13 / EASTERN PROMISE Mike Kerley of Henderson Far East Income Ltd says the scramble for dividends in Asia is just getting started P. 14-15 / FUND, PENSION, TRUST Fidelity Emerging Markets, Murray International and Seneca Global Income & Growth find themselves under the spotlight this month P. 16-19 / DOESN’T DO WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN Should absolute return funds that routinely fail to deliver on their aims be able to charge a performance fee when they hit the spot? P. 20-23 / NEXT BREXIT John Blowers is uneasy about what is in store for the UK once it triggers Article 50 P. 24-27 / SUBJECT TO CHANGE Lazard’s Alan Custis highlights three companies that are undergoing a structural transformation P. 28 / WHAT I BOUGHT LAST David Lewis reveals why the Jupiter Merlin team has returned to Jason Pidcock in a bid to take advantage of improving conditions in Asia P. 29