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EDITOR’S LETTER Issue 21 / September 2016 W HELP FOR HIPSTERS How Millennials can kick-start their pensions LOOK AFTER THE PENNIES… Using tracker funds to save for retirement NEXT BREXIT What to do with your (pension) pot of gold Preparing your portfolio for Article 50 ISSUE 21 CREDITS TRUSTNET MAGAZINE (FORMERLY INVESTAZINE) IS PUBLISHED BY THE TEAM BEHIND FE TRUSTNET IN SOHO, LONDON. WEBSITE: WWW.TRUSTNETDIRECT.COM EMAIL: [email protected] HEN DOROTHY IN THE WIZARD OF OZ breaks into Over the Rainbow, she sings of finding a place where “trouble melts like lemon drops” and “dreams really do come true”. While many people in stressful or unfulfilling jobs may be forgiven for thinking about a far-off retirement in the same way, the truth is you will still have plenty of work to do at this point and will have to make some difficult decisions, regardless of how much you have saved. In this month’s cover story, Pádraig Floyd looks at some of the major considerations you will need to take into account when you reach the promised land. Also on the theme of pensions, Robin Powell explains why tracker funds are so well suited to this purpose, Daniel Lanyon finds out how young, trendy and broke Millennials can kick-start their retirement saving, and John Blowers worries about the impact on portfolios when the UK finally triggers Article 50. Meanwhile, I find out why almost half of absolute return funds are charging you extra when they actually do what they are supposed to. In our regular features, Lazard’s Alan Custis highlights three stocks that are undergoing structural change and, finishing just as we started, with a mythical wizard, David Lewis reveals why the Jupiter Merlin team is turning back to Jason Pidcock. Enjoy reading, CONTACTS: Anthony Luzio Editor T: 0207 534 7652 Art direction & design Javier Otero W: Anthony Luzio Editor Trustnet Magazine Editorial Gary Jackson Editor (FE Trustnet) T: 0207 534 7680 Alex Paget News editor T: 0207 534 7697 Lauren Mason Reporter T: 0207 534 7625 Sales Richard Fletcher Head of publishing sales T: 0207 534 7662 Richard Casemore Account manager T: 0207 534 7669 Photos supplied by Thinkstock and Photoshot Cover illustration: Javier Otero In association with: