Trustnet Magazine 94 April 2023 | Page 69

Platforms & Pensions


You will need to plan properly and have a good think about how you want to live your later years , ideally well before you actually stop earning . You may not want a flashy lifestyle , while the money you have accrued could be more than sufficient for every eventuality . Just be aware that the extra time on this earth we have been granted needs to be funded and with every problem comes a solution . Longer life expectancies give rise to longer investment time horizons , so you can build your plan around taking a little more risk to fund your retirement . What we have seen is that once-ina-century events such as the global pandemic and war in Europe , with all their accompanying economic shocks , now seem to be happening fairly often and some kind of resilience needs to be baked into your retirement planning . As the old saying goes , if you fail to prepare , then prepare to fail .
Issue 94 - April 2023 / 69 /