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new keepers help the animal get ac- customed to its new exhibit habitats and slowly, as with Mshindi and Casey, their new family groups. If you miss seeing Mshindi, you are not alone. Assistant Mammal Curator and Gorilla Forest Supervi- sor Jill Katka and her team knew Mshindi well and miss caring for him. “However,” Katka shared, “We believe it was the right time for these changes to occur. Creating the strongest and healthiest fam- ily group for one-year old gorilla Kindi is one of our priorities. With the death of her natural mother Mia Moja last year, the family group of Paki, Kweli and Mshindi had been impacted and the dynamics altered." The other zoos involved had their own unique scenarios that led to a SSP recommendation for a series of coordinated moves — the objective being to create more via- ble family groups for the health and stability of all the gorillas involved. We hope you will stop by Gorilla Forest to welcome Casey. He will be on exhibit periodically as he gets accustomed to his new home. Ulti- mately, the plan is for Casey to be- come the patriarch in a family group that includes one-year-old Kindi, her surrogate mother Kweli, female gorilla Paki and a new incoming female gorilla from another AZA- accredited zoo, creating a cohesive family group for these particular in- dividuals. Details on the new female gorilla will be confirmed closer to her transfer time. Kindi may be off exhibit periodi- cally too while she continues to be introduced to the gorillas that will make up her new family group. In the meantime, you can follow Kindi’s adventures and see if she’s on exhibit by visiting Kindi. Many of the animals at your Louisville Zoo are cooperatively managed by a SSP and some are subject to moves now and then. As you’ve seen, the process is complex. “It takes a village” is an understate- ment in this recent case. Only by bringing a significant number of caring experts together can we pro- tect the future of these precious be- ings. I hope you’ve gotten a better picture of the whys and wherefors so you can join me in becoming one of Louisville’s gorilla ambassadors in the know! Mshindi's daughter Kindi continues to play in Gorilla Forest at the Louisville Zoo with her surrogate mother Kweli. World Gorilla Day Sept. 24 Celebrate at the Louisville Zoo. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and at for more information. remembering MAyor Armstrong All of us at the Zoo were sad to learn of the passing of former Mayor David Armstrong on June 15, 2017. When Gorilla Forest was opened in 2002, he was there with us to celebrate the opening. "Children will be able to see, touch and feel an environment they have only been able to see on the Discovery Channel,”he said at the time. “These lovable, gentle giants will capture the imagination of people aged 3 to 93.” He was right. Former Mayor Armstrong was a visionary who defined public service. He recognized the importance of zoos and our role in serving our community and helping visitors understand their place in preserving the balance between humans and nature. I'm proud to have worked with him. He will be missed. (left) Mayor David Armstrong at 2002 opening of Gorilla Forest with then Louisville Zoo Director Dr. William Foster (right) Louisville Zoo Trunkline • Fall 2017 • 7