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A Library for the Future
IN THE TWO decades following the opening
of the Library in 1970 , visitors usually came for one of three reasons — to study , to check out books or other materials , or to attend a meeting or event . Now , in the digital age , that pattern of use has changed , and the number of reasons to go to the Library has expanded dramatically . While Geisel continues to offer quiet nooks and crannies for solitary contemplation and study , today ’ s Library has become a hub for active learning , collaborative study , and digital scholarship and media production . Advances in technology have also further enabled librarians to be proactive partners in the university-wide effort to maximize student success .
Brian E . C . Schottlaender joined UC San Diego in 1999 and became the campus ’ longest-serving university librarian when he retired in 2017 .
While the harsh budget cuts that came with the Great Recession prompted a number of library consolidations and closures during his tenure , he was quick to implement new services and resources that met the increasingly digital needs of current students and faculty . The need for technological updates also spurred the Geisel Library Revitalization Initiative , launched by Schottlaender in 2015 .
In 2018 , the university appointed its sixth university librarian , Erik Mitchell . Mitchell has carried forward the work that Schottlaender initiated , prioritizing efforts to retool the public spaces of the library to meet the changing needs of today ’ s students , faculty , and the campus community . “ While few , if any , libraries are expanding to accommodate book collections , interior spaces are being updated for data visualization and digital scholarship labs , all which have been envisioned for our space ,” says Mitchell . “ Geisel Library is an architectural gem that has always signaled the future . The opening of Audrey ’ s and the recent updates to the 8 th floor have been huge benefits for students . I ’ m optimistic that our renovation to create more connected and active learning spaces will keep the Library at the forefront of innovation for UC San Diego for many years to come .”
Learn more about Geisel Library ’ s 50th Anniversary at geisel50 . ucsd . edu , and share your favorite memories of Geisel on social media , just use the hashtag : # Geisel50
WEDNESDAY , NOVEMBER 18 , 5:30 P . M . PST Join in a virtual Architecture Talk about our iconic Geisel Library , and view more yearlong events at geisel50 . ucsd . edu
Library featured in cult movie
Library addition completed ,
The building is renamed Geisel
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Library in honor of Theodor Seuss
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Geisel (“ Dr . Seuss ”) and his wife ,
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Audrey . The Library ’ s Dr . Seuss
color-changing sliding doors
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“ Snake Path ” art installation
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20,000 items .
Geisel Library silhouette
Geisel Library Revitalization
Initiative , a major effort in
becomes the university logo .
revamping the most heavily used
interior public spaces , begins .
Audrey ’ s Café opens in 2016 , the
8th floor is renovated in 2018 ,
and projects like modernizing the
lobby entrance and adding an
Active Learning Library
Classroom seek further support .
Visit geisel50 . ucsd . edu for more .