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Continued from page 10 Strategy key to success Another community for which Ayres helped develop a Main Street strategic plan was Meeker, Colorado. A largely agricultural community of 2,300 residents nestled in the White River Valley in northwestern Colorado, Meeker is largely isolated from other communities, sitting near the intersection of two state highways. Much like Buena Vista, Meeker’s downtown also fell victim to having a major highway running through town – but not quite through its center. “People would drive through, but didn’t realize we had a Main Street just one block over,” said Stephanie Kobald, executive director of the Meeker Chamber of Commerce. “We wanted people to know there’s more 12│ TRENDS to explore in our town.” To that end, Meeker joined the Colorado Main Street program, ultimately working with Ayres to develop a strategic plan for its downtown. This process brought together many different groups that previously had ideas for revitalizing the Main Street but hadn’t yet pooled their knowledge and resources. “When we would talk about ideas to improve our town, there were a lot of ideas but not a single source for someone to take the reins and get things done,” Kobald said. “The Main Street program allowed us to come together and put action to some of those ideas. The Main Street group is the hub that serves as the umbrella over all the groups.” Thanks to the help from the Main Street program and Ayres, some projects in Meeker’s strategic plan are already under way, including placing signage on the main highway directing people to downtown. Kobald said she was