Trends Winter 2015 - Page 14

David Kemp, Ayres Associates’ project development director and senior project manager for Southeast Operations, said continual communication is important because it builds confidence. “The County doesn’t have to worry about our projects because we call them and check in with them regularly. We keep them informed during all stages of the project,” Kemp said. “Over the years, Ayres has maintained a focus on public work,” Perpich said. During the CR 5A (Old Moultrie Road) Safety Improvements Study, Ayres Associates’ engineers created a report to not only help planning decisions, but also help secure funding. “By breaking the project into segments, we could secure the funding as it became available,” Perpich said. This expertise paid off again when the Del Monte Drive/Varella Sidewalk Post Design project got a shot in the arm during the 2008 recession. As the design was wrapping up, funding suddenly became available as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act through a Local Agency Program (LAP) agreement. However, the new funding required more Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) involvement and a modified set of specifications. Ayres Associates was able to quickly rework a full set of bid documents and meet the deadline to get the project constructed. Second, let’s chat: Communication A successful project requires more 14│TRENDS than good engineering. According to Caldwell, “There’s a lot of smart people out there, and a lot of people who know how to do the work, but it’s the responsiveness from Ayres Associates that makes a difference. They take the time to really understand what the County needs.” During the Palm Valley Sidewalk Feasibility Study, Ayres Associates was involved especially early in the process to help understand project challenges and create a more accurate schedule and budget. “We’re able to bring Ayres Associates in on the front-end of some projects because of our long history and relationship,” Caldwell said. During the Armstrong Trailhead Improvements project, communication was critical because there were so many departments and additional agencies involved. “David did a great job of being the communication point. He checks in with all divisions to make sure everyone is on the same page,” Perpich said. “The biggest thing about Ayres Associates is that they are responsive. If I send an email, I get a prompt response. Th