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work and stopped to look at the Vilano Pier. Ayres was nearby doing some inspection work, and we called David Kemp. The inspectors were able to stop by and within a couple of visits, they put together a whole inspection and analysis project.” Kemp remembers the coincidental sequence of events vividly. While in an unrelated meeting with the County’s Engineering Division, he learned about the plans for the pier’s inspection and rehab needs – and quickly connected with Facilities Management staff to see whether or not a consultant had been selected for the work. One had not, and with Ayres already serving as one of the County’s Continuing Engineering Services consultants, the ensuing conversation revealed that the firm was qualified to assist with the work – and led to an additional contract. “That might not have happened if not for our long-standing, close relationship and being comfortable enough to ask questions about what was coming up,” Kemp said. Last, let’s bring it all home: Community For several Ayres Associates staff members, St. Johns County is more KEY PROJECTS THROUGH THE YEARS Ayres Associates has completed 65 projects of varying types for St. Johns County since 1998, including sidewalks/trails, roadway/intersection improvements, bridge replacements, and drainage studies. Here are a few key projects of note: CR 2209 (St. Johns Parkway) Corridor Alignment Study Lewis Speedway at US 1 Intersection Improvements CR 5A at Kings Estate Road Intersection Improvements CR 208 Improvement Study 1999 Don Manuel Road & Reid Packinghouse Road Bridge Replacements 2002 CR 13A at Sixmile Creek Bridge Replacement 2001-02 2004 2006-07 2008 2009 County-wide Traffic Calming Program 2010 2014-15 Armstrong Park Trailhead Vilano Fishing Pier Inspection and Rehabilitation Design 2015 than just a client – it’s home. “David and Daryl are both very attentive. They are both genuinely invested in the good of the County, and they are available and accommodating whenever we need them,” Tompkins said. Some projects are really close to home. Myers says he especially enjoyed working on the Shore Drive Slope Stabilization because it was right in his neighborhood. A portion of the roadway was eroding into Moultrie Creek. “St. Johns County has always been ahead of the curve in Alternative SR 16 Feasibility/ Corridor Study Corona Road at SR A1A Intersection Improvements Ponce de Leon Heights Area Drainage Study CR 210 & Racetrack Road Operations/Safety Study CR 5A at Lewis Point Road Intersection Improvements Palm Valley Road Sidewalk Improvements Study recognizing things that needed to be fixed,” Myers said. Ayres engineers prepared construction plans to stabilize the slope and protect the roadway. With regular communication and a commitment to the community, Ayres Associates and St. Johns County have built a relationship with a long list of successful projects. “We value St. Johns County’s commitment to the people here,” Kemp said. “It’s pretty rewarding to be a part of projects that better the community where we all live.” TRENDS │15