TREND Spring 2020 | Page 47

g classes for Session Three. he Leader U Learning Portal later this year. This session will discuss the key components of a multi-tiered system of supports in your building. An effective RTI program paired with collaborative teams of teachers will yield tremendous student growth academically, behaviorally, and socially. This session will also have you participating in case studies you have faced as practitioners in your buildings. RTI: Building The Pyramid, Structuring Interventions for ALL Students Mark Gullion Rutherford County Schools Geared for the K-8th educator, this session is a high energy and interactive session meant for the educator looking for tangible and practical strategies to turn around an underperforming school. In the face of adversity, the session’s facilitator has been a part of multiple turn-around efforts in rural, suburban, and urban areas and will provide replicable practices for the practitioner who attends to do the same. Turnaround Principles for the Turnaround Principal Dr. Timothy Drinkwine N THREE Maury County Schools