TREND Spring 2020 | Page 46

Choose one of the followin All sesssions will be available online in th Testing! Testing! Check 1! Check 2! Sit back, relax, and take an Inspirational journey through time to explore the evolution of student voice and choice. Learn how to “reprogram” the culture of your classroom and school to embrace student voice. Become energized and motivated to take the leap and pass the mic to your students. How Student Choice and Voice Plays in Our Digital World Dr. Katrina Adkins Education Technology Consultant This session explores best practices of developing an intellectually gifted IEP. This session will explore what to include within a gifted IEP such as present levels of performance, goals, and researched based accommodations and modifications. Participants will complete two case studies and determine what PLEPs to include and recommendations for the IEP team. Intellectually Gifted: Writing Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for Gifted Students April Ebbinger Metro-Nashville Public Schools SESSION