Transformation - Annual Report 2015 - The Harris Center | Page 3

TRANSFORMATION Fiscal Year 2015 was a year of uninterrupted hard work for MHMRA of Harris County. Our team had a laser-sharp focus: To build and strengthen the infrastructure necessary to support exponential growth in services and delivery improvements. New funds from the 84th Legislative Session and the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) initiative of the 1115 Medicaid Transformation Waiver provided an unprecedented opportunity to help meet the ever increasing need our community has for adequate mental health supports. Our team worked around the clock to boost, expand, refine, develop and implement the framework to deliver these monumental improvements. To mention a few examples, our workforce grew by 13 percent: 252 new employees. We continued implementation of our 27 approved DSRIP projects, bringing in over $30 million per year in additional Federal funds to support mental health services in Harris County - some through the five collaborative DSRIP projects with partners like The Lighthouse for the Blind, which provides mental health treatment capacity for persons with visual impairments. We moved our main administrative operations to a building twice the size to make more room and to better accommodate enhanced clinical services. And, we continued the process to revamp our brand identity with the selection of a new name: The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD. These are only a few of the endeavors our team began this past year. Our vision for improvement is not limited to a period of 12 months. Our work in Fiscal Year 2015 will pave the way for continued progress to better meet the demands for enhanced services and supports. The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD is engaged in life-changing TRANSFORMATION. I invite you to learn more about how our progress during this fiscal year is shaping the future of mental health care and IDD supports, and empowering our vision for better care for our community. Steven B. Schnee, Ph.D. Executive Director Annual Report 2015 | Transformation | 1