Trails Manitoba Annual Report 2017 Annual Report 2 | Page 15

Lac du Bonnet Lac du Bonnet Trails Association On August 26, the Lac du Bonnet and Pinawa Trails groups joined forces to plan a day of hikes, entertainment, food, speeches, and our grand opening as part of The Great Trail Celebration. This took place at Pinawa Dam Provincial Heritage Park, which is the meeting point of the Pinawa and Bluewater South Trails. There were guided hikes from Seven Sisters Dam to Pinawa Dam, as well as shorter hikes on the new section of Bluewater South Trail. This was followed by local entertainment from talented musicians, singers, and a dancer. In addition to our grand opening and trail connection celebration, other activities in 2017 were a mapping project, development of a trails association logo, and signage in- stallation along sections of trail. We also had group hiking, biking, and horseback rid- ing excursions led by trails group members. Our local association has a number of goals for 2018. Improving signage is a key focus as locals and visitors come out to enjoy activities on the trail. The development of parking are- as is an important aspect for safety of trail users and to minimize traffic congestion on roads and highways. Rest stops that include washroom and picnic facilities need to be developed, and maintenance and upgrading of trail sections will be ongoing. Distributing our map brochure in print and online form is essential as trail usage increases. The trail may be connected but the work con- tinues! Annual Report -2017 Year in Review p.15