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by Dylan Manning

The Kentucky delegation is gearing up for our state convention this month! We are planning another online convention with activities leading up to encourage participation and excitement from members despite difficult situations. We have done mostly internal work up to this point to set up interstate interaction for the future and programs to benefit the next board and their work with delegates. Our parliamentarian has been working on a summary of the JCL constitution in order to be easier to understand for new or potential members. We are working on a consistent scholarship plan for not only national convention but also our state convention. We’ve been compiling lists of contact information for schools in our delegation and schools interested in joining. This is to make communications between the state and local chapters easier, as well as hoping to facilitate more cooperation between school chapters outside of state run events. One of our goals for our state convention is to create a more casual, less competitive, and more accessible set of Certamen questions and matches in order to let people be on teams with other schools and facilitate interest in the games without the added pressure of the formal competition. The current board is sad to be going so soon but excited to see what our successors bring to the JCL!


by Elise DeRosby

MEJCL has had an active winter! Across the state, our chapters enjoyed celebrating Saturnalia with game-playing, toga-wearing, and grape juice drinking. Certamen remains a timeless favorite. It simply does not get old! Hampden Academy JCL decorated their Latin classroom with lights and garlands while snacking on cookies, and John Bapst hosted a successful movie night. Local chapters are starting to get back into the JCL groove. Statewide, the officers held a Zoom meeting, where Latin students around Maine put their Roman and Greek mythology to the test via “Fishtopia”, which has become a popular “Gimkit” selection. Anybody who has played would surely recommend it as a fun flashcard game. Maine is excited to continue these interactive Zoom meetings and prepare for Spring Convention! 

JCL Jokes!

What would you call the Greek god of stand-up comedy? He would probably be named Heli-rious.

by Nicolette Bennett

by Jonah Craine

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