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by Alexander Beer

Since December, Arizona JCL has created both Club of the Month and Photo of the Month competitions. These competitions award spirit points to the winning schools, which then go towards a spirit point total. This total will be used at State Convention in March to find a spirit champion! Besides this, AZJCL has increased out service activities, adding two new ones for our members. In January, AZJCL attended the NJCL Classicalia Event then met for a Classicalia-based trivia fellowship right after. 


by Avery Konwiser

This winter has been a time of festivities for CAJCL! After our Northern and Southern regional conventions this fall, California JCLers have been very active in their local delegations. Many chapters have celebrated Saturnalia with banquets and games, ran service projects for local organizations, held screenings of Classics-themed movies, and gone holiday caroling— in Latin, of course. We've also begun preparations in anticipation of our (virtual) State Convention, which will be held in early April. All the adults and JCLers at St. Francis High School and throughout the state have been working hard to plan a memorable convention. Lastly, certamen teams across California have begun preparing for CARCER— our preliminary certamen tournament to qualify for finals at State Convention. We hope that despite being online, every CAJCLer will be able to enjoy themselves this year!


by Ellie Park

Salvete, omnes! Greetings from the Peach State!

Local GJCL chapters have continued to stay active through club meetings, service projects, and Certamen practices. Many chapters hosted local Saturnalia parties in December and are planning Lupercalia events for February. Our GJCL student officers continue to recognize their many accomplishments through the Photo-of-the-Month and Club-of-the-Month contests. Additionally, GJCL’s Membership Advisory Committee (MAC) continues its great work under the leadership of 1st Vice President Grace Shen. Currently, MAC is organizing an Agonalia Certamen Mixer, a fun virtual event designed to introduce Certamen to students of all levels of Latin proficiency.

On January 30th, the GJCL chairs and student officers gathered via Zoom for the annual State Convention planning meeting. We are preparing for an in-person convention in late April. This will be Georgia’s first convention since 2019, so we are incredibly excited to reunite with the Georgia classics community. A big thank you to all of the GJCL chairs, student officers, and local chapters that are working diligently through difficult times to carry on the JCL spirit! 

If you’d like to read more about the recent activities of the GJCL, you can check out the fall edition of The Alae Mercurii @ As the GJCL Editor, I am now working on creating the winter edition, which I cannot wait to share with you all at the end of February!

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