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OFFICER VOICES · Spring 2022 · Torch: U.S.




Howdy Amici,

It was so great to finally meet everyone who was able to come to Spring Planning Meeting at ULL! Leading up to this meeting, I worked with Alex to prepare for Classicalia. I hope that those who could attend had a great time listening to our amazing speakers. In between designing the NCW packet and completing my other officer duties, I put the planning of spirit into motion. I am drafting new rubrics to fit the DIY and Propless themes, organizing my spirit and service orientation meeting, looking at prizes, and even figuring out a fun punishment for coin wars. I’m excited to see each state’s interpretation of this year’s themes.

Everyone’s Club of the Month submissions have been fantastic. Thank you to everyone who has participated thus far! All of the supplementary resources are officially published on the COTM packet, so go check them out. I cannot express how grateful I am for the chapters that have fully embraced this year’s themes, so gratias vobis ago, plurimi! 


2021-2022 NJCL 2nd Vice President


Since we last spoke, I have traveled to Lafayette, Louisiana, and back for the NJCL’s Spring Planning Meeting. Beyond devouring king cakes, po'boys, and beignets, I enjoyed most connecting with my fellow officers and getting good work done. 

Outside of SPM, my time as a national officer has been largely devoted to the website contest. Within this domain, I grade local and state contests for monthly currency points, which can be accrued to assist in final scores at national convention. In the last month I also created a GroupMe to make communication between CoCos, Secretaries, Webmasters, and any similar such officers easier. If you would like to join, visit Otherwise, stay tuned for a National Convention hype video coming your way soon!


2021-2022 NJCL Communications Coordinator