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Latin Club Participates in Annual Lunchtime Trojan Horse Event

As a newly-minted high school freshman, Julie is unaware of the rich traditions that are rife at Miramonte High School, especially those that accompany the renowned Miramonte Latin program. Sitting at her table at lunch on the Miramonte quad, Julie notices a large group of students, some dressed in togas and carrying swords, marching towards the middle of the quad, being led by none other than one of the fearless Latin teachers: Magister Davis. As Julie looks closer, she notices that all the students seem to be pulling something large and wooden behind them. Could that possibly be… the Trojan Horse?

Certe (certainly)! Every year during the first couple months of school, we Miramonte Latin students wheel our very own Trojan Horse all the way from the shed by the tennis courts to the center of the quad in the middle of lunch. Some non-Latin students may cast weird looks our way, but no matter. We are upholding an ancient, sacred tradition!

Latin Club Participates in Annual Lunchtime Trojan Horse Event

by Grace Liu

Miramonte High School


You’d think that once the Trojan Horse has been wheeled into the middle of the quad and we have fully captured everyone’s attention, the event would be over. Sike! Next, us Latin students chant the iconic “Exegi” poem by Horace, the leading Roman lyric poet during the time of Augustus, that we can all recite from memory. It seems scary, but I promise you will have it unintentionally memorized by the end of Latin I. 

Exegi monumentum aere perennius / regalique situ pyramidum altius, / quod non imber edax, non aquilo impotens…” junior and Latin Club Spirit Leader Sanjeeta Pannu said. Apologies, I had to cut her short. 

Anyways, after we chant “Exegi” and take a huge group picture in front of the Trojan Horse, we are rewarded with Safeway cookies and are free to enjoy the rest of our lunch.

Valete discipuli! See you at the next Trojan Horse event!