TopShelf Magazine February 2017 | Page 12

Life in a Jar “ Kansas teenagers rediscover a forgotten Holocaust heroine in this moving historical drama . . . Mayer ’ s superb novelization of her exploits elevates social work to the intensity of a spy thriller . . . Writing in vivid but restrained prose , Mayer describes this agonizing situation with understated pathos . . . his rendition of Irena ’ s story has an inspirational power of its own . A gripping real-life tale of extraordinary courage that had an enduring impact .”
~ Kirkus Review
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Before the Court of Heaven “ This is a brilliantly-written tale of internal struggle and redemption in a time of great social and political upheaval . The author does a chillingly good job of illustrating just how seductive the nationalist message was in a beaten and humiliated Germany , how it used and twisted values like patriotism , loyalty and honor to win over people who otherwise might have lived out their lives as ordinary , decent , humane people . Before the Court of Heaven is a powerful , intensely vivid look at Europe between the World Wars , and one man ’ s attempt to make sense of his life , his deeds , and their meaning , to himself and to others .”
~ IndieReader
Jack Mayer , MD , MPH
Jack Mayer is a pediatrician and a writer .
He began practicing pediatrics in 1976 in Enosburg Falls , Vermont , a small town in eastern Franklin County on the Canadian border . His was the first pediatric practice in that half of the county . He was a country doctor there for ten years , often bartering medical care for eggs , firewood , and knitted afghans . From 1987 – 1991 Dr . Mayer was a National Cancer Institute Fellow at Columbia University researching the molecular biology of childhood cancer . Most of his scientific writing was done during those four years . He was also an academic pediatrician at Columbia University ’ s Presbyterian Medical Center . Dr . Mayer returned to Vermont in 1991 and established Rainbow Pediatrics in Middlebury , Vermont where he continues to practice primary care pediatrics . He is an Instructor in Pediatrics at the University of Vermont School of Medicine and an advisor for pre-medical students at Middlebury College . He lives in Middlebury , Vermont . www . jackmayer . net