Tomah Chamber & Visitors Center Newsletter October 2019 Newsletter - Page 10

STAFF PROMOTIONS Timberwood Staff Spotlight Congratulations to Matt Fries and Lori Miller! Recently, Matt was promoted to Chief Financial Officer and Lori was promoted to VP Operations. s EMPLOYEE ANNIVERSARIES Linda Erbs - 6 years Jill Dahlke - 4 years Chelsea Karper - 6 years Sally Spangler - 8 years Melissa Troutt - 8 years Melissa Zakarian - 1 year Keep an eye on the cards in your wallet with the phone in your pocket. Monitor your card activity and help prevent fraud with CardValet®. Learn more about our CardValet mobile app for debit cards! Call 372-2265 or visit us online. APPLICATIONS NOW AVAILABLE We are accepting applications for 2020 Timberwood Bank University. Timberwood Bank University (TBU) is a seven-week financial education and scholarship program for Tomah High School seniors available through Timberwood Bank. Each course will be 60 minutes on Wednesdays beginning February 12, and will include established financial literacy materials as well as unique lesson plans created by Timberwood Bank staff and guest instructors Jeff Holthaus from State Farm and Lenny Bakken from Edward Jones. For more information, please visit the Resource Center on or call (608) 372-2265. ANNUAL PRIVACY NOTICE Crystal Radek Loan Underwriter/Processor Hobbies/Interests: swimming, camping, boating and painting. Before working at Timberwood Bank, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had? Working at a tuxedo shop fitting gentleman for formal wear. What TV show are you most ashamed to admit you love? Big Brother. Big Brother After Dark is the only thing that got me through weeks of sleepless nights during my maternity leave. What is on your bucket list? I have never been to the ocean. When I get there, the first thing I am doing is going surfing. Least favorite food: I believe in trying things again that I may not have liked as a child, but I do not like brussels sprouts. What phobias do you have? I am afraid of airplanes, and bugs that might fall on me while I try to kill them. Where would you like to travel to? Anywhere in the Caribbean... as long as I don’t have to take an airplane. I am the happiest when: I am doing something with my 4- year old son that makes him smile. Melissa Zakarian Customer Service Representative Hobbies/Interests: baking, cleaning, anything that deals with animals ... animal planet documentaries and things like that. What is your role at Timberwood Bank? Customer Service Representative, on call therapist and comic relief. What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most? The people, getting to know our customers personally, and all of the opportunities to volunteer and show support for the community. Where is your favorite place to eat? Peking Chinese Restaurant or Cinco De Mayo Mexican. Where would you like to go on a dream vacation? My husband and I would love to go visit New Zealand. Do you recall any embarrassing moments at work? I was on the phone and got my foot caught in a wastebasket for a good 3 minutes. Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us. I wear flamingo shirts a lot, but my favorite animal is the llama. What do you like to do in your spare time? Clean and organize. I love to clean! Federal law requires us to tell you how we collect, share, and protect your personal information. Our policy has not changed, and you may review our policy and practices with respect to your personal information at or we will mail you a free copy upon request by calling (608) 372-2265 or toll-free, (866) 736-2425. PO Box 880 • 110 W Veterans St • Tomah, WI 54660 • (608) 372-2265 • •