Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Tishrei | September 2023 | Page 12

In the last article I spoke about the relational nature , the relational process , and the relational goals of Spiritual Disciplines so this may feel like a dead end to transition to the Discipline of Liturgical Prayer .
If you worship at a Messianic Congregation , you are likely about to participate in a lot of liturgy during the High Holy Days . If that is the case , no matter your level of experience ,
I want to invite you to pursue a higher level of relational and attentive engagement with God in the liturgy this year as we stand before His Joyful Face . I believe for all of us , that if we put into practice a right understanding of liturgical prayer , it will become for us a transformational practice by the grace of God infused by the presence and power of the Holy Spirit .
Before I dive into this thrilling subject of Spirit-infused liturgy , let me preface with fulfilling my word , that I would give you a catalog of Spiritual Disciplines in Part 2 of this topic . We could look at Dallas Willard ’ s list of disciplines of engagement and abstinence in his excellent book , the Spirit of the Disciplines , or Dallas Willard and Jan Johnson ’ s practical book Experiments in Spiritual Formation .
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