Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Cheshvan | October 2023 | Page 13

we were all once enemies of God , blinded by Satan . We are not strong enough to overcome our enemy on our own , but we can successfully oppose the darkness when we put on the full armor of God . ( Eph . 6:10-20 ) Now let ' s examine each piece of the armor which God has for us .
The Belt of Truth In Scripture , Yeshua says that He is the way , the truth , and the life . ( John 14:6 ) As He walked the earth , He not only embodied His Father ’ s identity , but He also showed us how to walk as children of God . He showed us the truth of who His Father is to restore our true identity in Messiah Yeshua . The belt in biblical times was used to fasten all excess fabric to the body . This freed the legs so that one can remain fully engaged in the fight . Without knowing the truth of who we are , any false doctrine can cause us to trip and fall , distorting our identity which is wrapped up in the image of God .
One of the primary ways that Satan attacks our identity is at the most basic level through sexual perversion . God has made us as both male and female ( Gen . 1:27 ). The belt of truth is close to the area of the body that is most vulnerable to sexual temptation . We must keep our sexual expression protected from the enemy ’ s attacks because our sexuality reflects the image of God . This is why God set the boundaries of sexuality within a marriage between a man and a woman . When God ' s boundaries are not
set concerning our sexuality , it affects the offspring of humanity , marring and distorting the very image of God within us . This is why the attack of the enemy is so violent concerning sexuality . The enemy ’ s perversion of who we are produces destruction rather than giving life . What we do affects our children and our children ' s children . The Belt of Truth preserves our children into the next generation .
The Breastplate of Righteousness Your lungs and heart are the two most vital organs in your body . They share the chest cavity . The lungs and the heart are closely intertwined . The breastplate or ribs protects our lungs and that of our heart . With each beat , your heart sends blood throughout the body . The pulmonary loop is tasked with collecting the oxygen-poor blood , moving it to the lungs for cleaning and
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