Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Cheshvan | October 2023 | Page 12

Deliver Us From Evil

Satan traps people in systems of false thinking . He does this through philosophies , ideologies , religions and religious ideas that are contrary to the God of Israel . Dark principalities and demonic powers cultivate these systems of thought , hindering individuals from considering the Good News of the Gospel or to act upon the truth of the Good News and instruction of Torah . These deceptions distract the attention of individuals , causing them to think about something else , anything else but God . These systems of thought are what the Scripture calls the “ teachings of demons .” ( 1 Tim . 4:1 TLV )
Satan is our adversary , and is the one who opposes , slanders and falsely accuses God . His goal is to destroy Him , to discredit Him and to erase Him from existence . Since mankind is created in God ’ s image , the destruction of humanity is part of the mission of Satan .
Satan also knows that our thoughts infuse our emotions and direct our attitudes and actions . His systems of thought breed hatred , division , destruction , death and murder , destroying families , societies and nations . Dark principalities and powers seek to corrupt our character , marring the image of God that we were created to be and reflect .
We are in a struggle , a spiritual battle . Our fight is not with humanity but with the dark principalities , powers and spiritual enemies that are holding humanity in captivity . Remembering that we are not in war with each other but instead with the kingdom of darkness can help keep us from being offended . We are more able to bring God ' s salvation to a lost and dying world . We must also remember that
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