Thisfunktional Magazine Volume 02 Issue 1 June 2015 - Page 10

ThisFunktional PAGE 09 T Library of Congress inducts first Lati Written by Jesus Figueroa Staff Writer “Please, Don’t bury Me Alive,” by writer-director Efrain Gutierrez, is inducted by the Library of Congress to the National film registry as the first Latino feature film in Dec. 2014. Gutierrez lived a quiet existence away from mainstream film making since 1979. University of California, Los Angeles professor Chon Noriega searched for filmmaker Gutierrez for years before Gutierrez reached out to Noriega in 1996. Noriega hoped to archive the film in the UCLA archives, but he could not find a copy. “The film was in a garage at a friends house,” Gutierrez said. The film was almost lost. A month after recovering the film the garage it was found in caught on fire and burnt down. “This film started in 1972, but it wasn’t finished until 1976,” Noriega said. When the film screened it did better than anyother film, where it was shown. “When it opened it started out performed all the other films in south Texas,” Noriega said. Guitierrez started pursuing his dreams in 1970 with ambition to be an actor and moved to Los Angeles, Calif. where he attended East Los Angeles College. While at ELAC, Gutierrez had good opportunities to become an actor. He auditioned for an Americanized western cowboy role, but was told they wanted him to be more Mexican. He found the piece he wanted to audition with and took it in for his audition. “At the time ‘Yo soy Joaquin,’ I am Joaquin, was very popular. So I read ‘Yo soy Joaquin’ by Rodolfo Gonz