Third Party Reports Blueclaw World Cup PPC Research Paper - Page 15

page 10 From the first two weeks of the tournaments, we have seen that Ladbrokes have quite a strategic approach, choosing between offer and odds messaging based on the search term, time of day and event. These companies therefore need to use human intelligence, knowledge of customers and leverage their unique selling points to stand out and obtain relevant clicks at a sensible cost. Part of this strategy will be to better target the interests of different types of potential player, but it also suggests they are testing the performance of different approaches and may well be narrowing in on a an ad copy format that performs best overall. Dynamic Creative and AdWords Landing Pages This more dynamic approach is the one that will allow for the most efficient use of spend. For this, third party data management platform (or DMP) like Doubleclick or Marin will be key and it’s likely that larger operators like Ladbrokes are making use of such platforms. From our analysis it looks very much like some of the bigger players are also trying out automation, either via Custom Scripts of proprietary tech, to allow for real time odds to be fed into their ad creative. Different types of tech and data management platforms ensure that brands can manage huge amounts of ad copy variations that can be turned on and off based around time, device and search terms, these platforms can add serious firepower and intelligence to PPC, and a level of sophistication that smaller operators or affiliates can find hard to challenge. World Cup PPC Strategies S 2014. peaking of dynamic creative, we’re seeing some of the sportsbook companies being more dynamic with their landing pages compared to Landing pages are critical to ad