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At Aktiv Guld , we believe it is important that our customers can always come to us for good advice . Such advice may concern welding or soldering ; in the following , one or two examples of technologies and machines that we recommend are described . We begin with two welding technologies : laser welding and spot welding . Both technologies can make the welding process simpler and faster , at the same time as which they enable welding techniques to be used that aren ’ t possible with traditional technologies . Thanks to their focus on ergonomics , both technologies help to prevent repetitive strain injuries and industrial injuries .

Laser welding with SIRO Advantages of SIRO ’ s laser systems :
• Outstanding precision : Because a laser is so precise , it ensures a high degree of control and can be used to weld even the smallest parts without damaging them .
• Handling of complicated joints : With laser technology you can weld different materials , in addition to being able to reach surfaces that would otherwise be difficult to reach . • Low heat transfer : Because it welds without direct contact , the laser is characterised by a low transfer of heat . This minimises distortion of the items being welded .
• Consistent and rapid welding : With a laser it ’ s easy to be consistent in the way welding is performed , at the same time as which it can be performed very quickly . This enables a significant reduction in costs per unit to be achieved .
• Welding with high strength : By using a laser , welds of high strength are achieved without the use of filler .
SIRO laser systems The SL 20 laser system has been developed for small workshops and has a very compact design . As a tabletop model it can be adapted to almost any location and is quick to set up . SL 20 is primarily designed to carry out repairs , mounting and small production series . The SL 50 V3 Thunder laser system is an efficient and practical laser system that handles even the most challenging of tasks reliably and accurately . The bedplate can be loosened , thus also making it possible to work with larger items . Finally , the SL100 system is also available . Please contact us for more details . SIRO laser systems all use a microscope , which provides 10X magnification and facilitates excellent observation during the welding process . This enables the goldsmith to work with fine details without putting unnecessary strain on his or her eyes . If you purchase a Microweld , you can reduce the diameter to just 0.05 mm .
Spot welding with PUK Advantages of spot welding with PUK
• Simple , intuitive and user-friendly operation and adjustment via a touchscreen .
• Standard settings make it quick and easy to repeat welding processes .
• Full control of the welding process . The welding process itself starts automatically when the electrode at the tip of the handpiece makes contact with the workpiece . The process is also stopped automatically if too much pressure is applied .
• Overheating is prevented because welding takes place in pulses rather than continuously .
• The microwelding function enables welding in plate and wire thicknesses of just 0.20 mm .
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