TheBeyondWoman Magazine Issue #11 - Page 58

TBWM : Becoming a Disc Jockey and building a brand and a business as a female Deejay is not a mainstream career choice , it is so out of the box . It paints a picture that one can have a dream or idea that is way out of the box and make it work . How would you encourage women today to think when starting their businesses ?
China : Anything is possible when you are engaging in a creative business , and you have to have courage . It is a huge risk because the way is never clear .
You must not second-guess yourself , even if you can ’ t see the whole picture . For me , the agency was it , I had no plan B , and I was ready . I was at the bottom , not knowing where to start . I could see the big picture , but the journey to the big picture was obscure , and that is why my relationship with God is so important because where I am now , I attribute to Him giving me the direction and boldness to go after all I could see and feel was mine .
Faith is important too ; what you are trying to create may be unusual and unique . Without faith , you may begin to talk your way out of it when difficult times arise . Passion and sacrifice are also a part of it . I loved wearing designer clothing and accessories , and now all of that has to take a backseat to the needs and growth of my business . I go nice now , not designer * laughter *.
Be around people who are with you 100 %. Doubt is not the energy you should have around you . Sometimes people don ’ t set out to be negative , it ’ s just where they are in their thinking , but you need people who believe in themselves around you , so you too will believe in yourself . Be with those who mirror your level of belief .
It is important to mentor yourself through reading if you cannot afford to get an actual mentor . Books will give you ideas on how to stay focused on growing yourself and your business , as well as the people you may employ .