The Young Chronicle: For Grade 3 May 16th, 2015 - Page 3

Inspiring Kids Four Wonder kids Vaibhav, Tanisha, Karan, and Shaurya have been doing an amazing job selling self-made Scooby strings, rubber-bands, loom bands and hand bands, to raise money for Nepal Earthquake Victims in DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon. Look up to be abreast with their efforts. We did a short interview with the kids and found it very inspiring. Here are the excerpts: What is the Initiative all about? Well, we make simple things like Scooby strings, rubber-bands, loom bands and hand bands and sell them to shop keepers, neighbours, friends, teachers, and family, to raise money for the poor and needy. We have been doing this for around a year. Just recently we bought a table fan out of the money raised, for a maid servant whose husband was very ill. This year, we thought it would be best to raise money for hose impacted by the Nepal Earthquake. What inspired you to run this initiative? We can’t see poverty. In fact we dream of an India where everyone is equal and has access to a basic quality of life. How do you manage this work with studies? Studies are our first priority we never compromise on studies. Nothing takes over studies. We use our free time to make things and sell them to raise money. What’s the one inspiring thing you would like to tell other children? Well, all us children should work towards helping the poor and India. We should ensure no one is poor and everyone gets three square meals a day. We need to ensure that no one is extremely rich nor poor. This gap needs to be bridged. The Young Chronicle Earthquake Relief Campaign Inspired by this initiative, The Young Chronicle decided to take this to a nation wide level. So here's encouraging you kids to start an initiative like this in your locality, and do something which helps you learn how to make new things and also helps you raise money for a good cause. Here's what you need to do: Step 1: Make 10 products Step 2: Sell them to Shopkeepers, Neighbours, Family Members, Teachers, Friends, and others Step 3: Once you have more than Rs. 100 collected, log on to Step 4: Ask Mu mma/Papa to donate an amount equivalent to that you have earned, on the website, using their card Step 5: Share pictures of the products you made, in the comments section of the site