The Word of God in Romania 2015.08.28 - The Word of God at the feast of the A | Page 4

2015.08.28. them to receive wisdom, and their comfort to be born from its work, to be able to remain with the work they did, mother. Oh, sons of men, listen to My word, as I, the Lord, am teaching you on a day of holy feast. Do not provoke each other to sin and to the lust of sin, as God did not create man for sin with His own hand, with His love. Oh, take the holiness on your bodies and take on little linen shirts so that it may not come out of you the spirit of sin. All the saints are covered in linen clothes, as it is written, and they are not naked as the people on the earth stay, naked before the son, before the Lord, and before His saints. Love those in heaven, those so much alive, to get rid of the love for sin, for sin is death, as it is written; sin is nothing else but death and man gets sweetened from it, and therefore he dies because of this, for it is written that the wages of sin is death. (See the selection topic: „What defiles a man, what enters or what comes out of him? 4 ”, r.n.) I am teaching you everything that goodness is. Oh, love it, sons. You, all those who have come here at the spring, be good, be always good. Do not seek to meet each other if you come and know this spring of word from heaven. Let your meetings be those from here, those with the Lord, lest working without watching, without obedience, to be caught under guilt by satan that keeps coming into the way of those who are to be born from heaven by this holy word in order to shake them, and then My face to be stained, My work of word, which feeds you from here to be holy, to be good. Oh mother, I have opened the gates to come to Us into the garden those who left with their pace to the spring and that We may give them heavenly words, exhortation for life in holiness, as without holiness, man cannot be with Us or remain with Us to the end, and then forever, and in such a way that man may be forever, not only temporary, mother. Behold, We are speaking and laying down the word step by step for the whole work of the day of the feast for you, My mother, and We are setting the table with exhortation and clear revelation of mysteries, for man has to learn if he wants to be taught from heaven, if he loves My word, which brings the dead to life, for the dead hear Me and come to life, and one needs much faith for this mystery because if at the priest’s word at the altar, I, the Lord, become bread and wine and then I give Myself to the faithful man as his food and life from heaven, oh, in the same way man comes to life at My word from the ground where he gets up. Behold, I, although I am God, I listen to man, I listen to the one who makes the Lord bread and wine, but you, man, why do you not become God at My word upon you to be the living one forever and ever? (See the selection topic: „The dead hear My voice 5 ”, r.n.) Oh, My mother, teach on your day of holy feast and set the table with your teaching. I, your Son, Jesus Christ, am blessing you, for I am your God, mother, and We know what God 4 You can also see on: 5 You can also see on: _The_dead_hear_My_voice.pdf 4