The Word of God in Romania 2015.08.02 - The Word of God at the feast of the s - Page 4

2015.08.02. I closed the heavens and I called fire from heaven so that the miracle of my prayer may be seen clearly over the sacrifice on which I poured out water three times, but the fire did not started over the sacrifice brought to the priests of Baal, and it consumed my sacrifice soaked with water, and then by prayer with sacrifice, I brought rain on earth and I stopped the drought with my prayer full of the zeal with fire, and the saints left for the Christians prayers full of spirit in order to teach them to pray with fire, and the Christians of today still cannot make any miracles by their prayer. Oh, I was not praying with the book, but with the zeal I was praying and speak- ing with You, and I hoped for You to come and fulfill, Lord, those that I was asking from You, and this is how I was working great miracles in Your name. I stopped over in time of drought at Zarephath in Sidon in the house of a poor widow, and I multiplied in her house the drop of meal and the oil in the pot; I brought to life her son who died and then I came out and prophe- sied to Ahab his shameful end by which both he and his Jezebel perished: Ahab was shot by an arrow in the battle against the Syrians and died in the evening, and Jezebel was eaten by dogs, (see 1 Kings: 22/34-35; 2 Kings: 9/33-36), and this is how the word was fulfilled, Lord, as I suffered much from those who had departed Israel from You, the true God, and I sought to built faith in You upon the people of Israel, because I was an offspring of the priestly seed of Israel, and when I was born my father saw angels of fire wrapping me up and giving me food with flame of fire, and this is how You gave me to eat through the angels; You nourished me since I was a baby, and I was growing up, I was walking through the wilderness and I was praying to You, Lord, standing before You. The kingdom of Israel was broken in two parts and there were unworthy kings upon it, and I was suffering for it and for You, Lord, and who else suffers on earth like me when he sees so much iniquity with the rulers everywhere, and when he sees so much separation from God over the multitudes? Oh, I get up, for the zeal consumes me completely, only for You to want to bless me and to protect those with their heart for You, and to rebuke those who deceive You day and night, even if they recognized You as their God in heaven and on earth, for behold what the rulers do, and behold what the servants do at the altars. As they have noting from You upon their lives, and all give themselves over to the idol services as it was at that time, they worship the crea- tures, Lord, and it is worse on earth now than in Sodom and Gomorrah, oh, much worse, Lord, and all Your commandments are trampled down, and people do not know that they do this, and there is no more holy teaching on earth to wake them up. Oh, I am asking You, the Good One, with burning prayer I am asking You to give me time of miracles to work with them for the people’s turning back to You, because the prayer full of zeal has to be fulfilled, and I am telling the sons of the people of Your word that it is not possible that the prayer full of the zeal for God and for the people not to be fulfilled; it will surely be fulfilled, and the heaven is waiting and the saints are waiting as well for Your help, their prayer always together with the prayer of those in heaven, for I, Lord, have in my schedule of work for this time the fight for the destructing of the antichrist, Your enemy and the enemy of Your Christians, and I am consumed with zeal to bring into fulfillment those that are written for Your victory and for my work with You during this time from the end of the time, (See the selection topic: „The antichrist and the apocalyptic beast 3 ”, r.n.) and we have, the people of 3 You can also see on: beast 4