The Word of God in Romania 2014.12.25 - The Word of God at the feast of the s

2014.12.25. The Word of God 1 at the feast of the saint hierarch Spyridon 2 Peace to you, people of My word! I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, am sitting down as word near you, I am coming together with the saints near you and speaking a word of feast and We are writing it down into the book, because it is a bishop feast among those in heaven and they are full of word, like My saints. Everything from My creation has its own work in heaven and on earth, and My work is the word, to which all My creation listens to the glory of its Maker. Oh, it is not the same with man, because man listens as long as he wants and only if he wants, because man keeps the Lord far away from him, well My people, and this has been My pain, after I had built man and then up to this day. The man from the beginning made bold to create the devil between him and Me and since then he has no longer had any longing and love of God. I have been sighing with longing after man. If man has painful sighing from his children who leave him and go to their own things, I, the Lord, am sighing and I am aggrieved far beyond expectation, and the heart of man full of mercy for Me has a high price; a heart full of pain for My sighing for the emptiness in which all the people on earth are caught and without which they cannot do anything; they cannot do anything because of their possessions, because of their ranks and because of the lack of wisdom from heaven for their minds; however, if men loved the truth and not emptiness, they would no longer be or stay as they are, and they would stay properly before the Maker of all things and they would no longer slip to those what do not last and do not remain with man. At the table of today in your midst, I am writing down into My book of today the bishop word of My gentle and good servant, the maker of miracles, Spyridon, the one who was not attracted by any riches or ranks that were given to him, nor by the world with its spirit, for he used everything in great humility, in his great wisdom from above, and he was up there with God with his life, and he was not of this world, for he was not of it, as I am not of it too, and in the same way were through the world all those who have loved the truth and the way of life, the way with God, well My people. Oh, I am looking down on earth and see the haste of the people who celebrate ahead of the time the feast of the birth of Jesus Christ. Oh, the world does not celebrate My birth because it is far from love and it has no way to celebrate for God, but who is to tell this truth to the world? It is written into the Scriptures about the new birth of the world, and it is written about its renewal. My love will fulfill this if it is written, and My Father has given Me the Romanian land and My faithful people in it to be able to work here with the work of the Father, Who has sent Me with My great work of the new birth of the world. I work visibly and invisibly, and My saints do the same. Those who are visible and invisible sit down at their places and fulfill the word of My mouth, and it is a great miracle to be able to speak over the earth from the midst of the Romanian people, where I have prepared My dwelling and the faith for My coming as word over the earth. It is hard to understand My mysteries and their great work, visible and invisible when it works and it sets down. I worked likewise at the creation of the world and the man woke up in the midst of the accomplished miracle and then he enjoyed and wondered about it until the time 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1