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been vaxed I likely would have been on a ventilator . They gave me infusions each day which kept me from getting worse , but even after being released it took several weeks until I began to get back to normal . My lung function took a hit from having the virus and Temple is keeping an eye on it . My doctor did tell me at my last appointment in January to be very careful when I go out of the house . I must always wear a mask when out in public and avoid crowded places , especially indoors . He told me I can ’ t afford to get it again . Thank God for my wife , Maryann , who does a lot for me so I can stay healthy . There are times when I have no choice but to go out but get right back to the nest as quickly as possible . We planned a vacation to Myrtle Beach last October , but cancelled due to the high COVID numbers especially in South Carolina . We ’ ve re-scheduled a vacation to Lake Lure in North Carolina this summer and are hoping for this whole situation to begin to get better soon . Our last vacation was in 2019 , so we are due . That ’ s about it for now . I hope this note finds everyone doing well . Stay safe and healthy .
Grant Walk : Emmy and I are doing well , staying at our cabin to avoid COV- ID and to stay warm . So far it ’ s working on both counts . I had a couple doctor appointments recently and they told me what I already knew , I ’ m in good shape with all things considered . Mazika was here again for deer season . Had a good time . We got to take our rifles for a walk in the woods but didn ’ t get any deer . I get an occasional email from Bob Stiver . He is doing well and enjoying retirement . I talk with Gary Mason once in a while . He also is doing well . Last fall Mas and Hag stopped by for a visit , had a good time talking and catching up on things . Now I ’ m just waiting for spring and warmer weather . Take care .
Freebie : I ’ ve gotten really busy lately . I got elected to the board at our church and am very involved with building maintenance . My oldest grandson , who is 22 , is getting married in early July . Right now , Barb and I are in Florida for a couple of weeks . My sister sent me a photo of an ice event today just outside of Philly . Glad we aren ’ t there . Hope everyone is doing well . Stay healthy .
I spoke to Nult over the phone . He sounded good . Said he was doing a lot of home repair stuff around the house , reading , and keeping a low profile because of COVID . His wife had her second knee surgery and Nult has to go in for surgery himself to have his aorta valve replaced .
As for me , all good here in Texas , this is a nice time of the year to be here with decent golfing weather . Still really into woodworking , recently built some cabinets and replaced our bathroom vanity , and about to start a new project replacing the drawers and doors in the kitchen cabinets . Got a treadmill in February , so trying to get myself back into some semblance of decent shape and so is my wife , Sheila . My son Charlie had COVID , but is doing fine now . My best
to all you guys . Please keep in touch and try to remember the school and giving back for all they ’ ve done for us .
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Stephen M . Krupa 505 Thomas Road Downingtown , PA 19335 Cell : 610-314-1879 dadoson @ verizon . net
Classmates ,
In the last edition of the Williamsonian , we learned of a new school program called , the 50-Year Affiliate Class Program . The program began last year with the class of 7W4 and the freshmen ( Class of 2W4 ). If you can ’ t find that issue , let me know and I ’ ll mail you a copy of the article . Rick Caputo ’ s 7W4 class notes in the last issue provided a lot of information about 7W4 ’ s involvement in the program . Hats off to you , Rick ! Your class was a tight group of good guys . Many in our class had good times together with you guys back in the days .
This year our class ( 7W5 ) and the incoming freshman ( 2W5 ), will begin this program . So far , Al Gaspari and I will be taking part in this program . We are counting on more of our class signing on to this three-year program . Please give it serious consideration and contact Al or me if interested . Not only is it be beneficial to the students , it ’ s also a way to see each other now and then .
Speaking of Al , he called me in mid- February . He is retired now , but before then he took time to drive across country to San Francisco to visit one of his sons . During his travel , he took time to visit several great places . Some highlights were Nashville , the Tetons , and Crater Lake . In all , he drove over 7,500 miles . Al is interested in getting more involved with the school and our class . He will be reaching out to reconnect with us . Al , Phil Staurowsky , and I are planning to get together soon . It ’ s been a while . If you would like to get in touch with Al , or any of our classmates , contact me . I have contact information for many of our classmates .
I heard from Glen Tomlinson in February . He was relaxing and enjoying time with his granddaughter at the bay in Ocean City , N . J . Glen and Dan McCarthy got together in Ocean City , N . J ., not long ago . Dan was visiting his daughter there at the time . Glen and Dan had a good time reminiscing about their days in Paint / Deck Shop .
I spoke with Harry Goldy recently . He and Donna have been retired for quite a while . Harry worked in the masonry trade for a short while . For 34 years he worked in paper chemicals research and development at various companies . He visits his son Dan and daughter-in-law in Cochranville , Pa . They were married in September and are expecting a baby girl in July / August . It was a big tent wedding on Dan ’ s large property . John and Patty Votta attended the event .
I spoke with Mike Natale recently . He
and Helene are semi-retired . Mike takes on property management jobs when he chooses . Helene works two days per week and watches their four and a half year old granddaughter . Mike enjoys his vacation home in Cape May , N . J ., for five years now . He belongs to a fishing club there . He sees Scott Shattuck now and then . He also spoke with Chip Natrin not long ago . Chip has a vacation home in Delaware , near Bethany Beach . Mike informed me that John and Patty Votta sold their vacation home near Sea Isle City , N . J .
That ’ s it for now . Stay well . Krup ( A-42 )

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Gordon Douglas Merry Heart Ministries 86 Governor Markham Dr . Glen Mills , PA 19342 Cell : 610-883-2972 gordoncomedy @ gmail . com
www . GordonDouglasIsFunny . com
Yo , Bros ,
Big news ... if you haven ’ t heard yet , our reunion is coming up ... June 3rd at the Springfield Country Club . Contact Rob Jordan for any additional info .
Got a few reports to share . First up is from Art Noel . “ Hey , Gordon , 2021 was a pretty good year for me . On Jan . 15 , 2021 , I retired from Lower Merion Township after 43 years of service as the assistant director of building and planning . I ’ ve attached a copy of the Williamson-themed cornhole set that my staff gave me as a going away present . In August , my brother-in-law and I won the Club Championship at Springfield Country Club . We ’ ll have to win one more to catch up with Joe Santoro and Marty Jeffers who have won it twice ( so far ). Finally , since you asked , Mike Link and I remain undefeated two years in a row in the cornhole competition at our annual get-together down in the Villas , N . J .
Tom Krall chimed in with this great report . Hey , guys , It has been along time since we communicated . Not much has changed other than getting a little older . I just turned 67 . The family has been fine . My girls are 32 and 30 . Nina is living in Phoenix working remotely . Cara lives at home in Allentown . Maria is the glue that keeps us all sane and together . We are now married 42 years . Beginning to think about when it will be time to retire . For now , I am going to hold on for at least a few more years . Shooting to get 50 years with Miller & Chitty , the only company I have worked for since Willy . My personnal life has lost many loved ones , mother and father plus extended family . My sister decided to move closer to me and is now living in Allentown , too .
For myself , I am still working for Miller & Chitty in new equipment sales as the VP of sales . Forty-six years this June . Keeps me busy with all the new equipment updates . The controls are getting smarter than we are . COVID was a real challenge and is still . Equipment delays
, extended lead times , etc . Projects have gotten more complicated . Two of the major projects I have been involved with are Mark Anthony Brands , the makers of White Claw , complete new boiler room . I have also been involved with a few Johnson & Johnson projects throughout New Jersey , everything from small hot water boilers , burners , large firetube boilers and industrial watertube boilers . I managed to get to one of Willy ’ s Career Fairs last year , but it did not work out the way we wanted it to . Saw all the new faces around campus covered by masks - COVID !
As I have said before , I work alongside one of our classmates , Joe Cochran . He and I always try to play in the Williamson Golf Outing . Last year , we did not play because of COVID . Looking forward to playing this year . Joe has been with Miller & Chitty over 30 years , too .
Our buddy Wayne Edwards gave me a call . He had major shoulder surgery and is back to work part-time . He is taking care of his mother ( that is a tough season of life ). He was cleaning out his garage and found a trophy he won when he was still in elementary school . It was given to him at this church a few blocks from his home . At that moment , there was helicopter that came down and crashed at that very church where he got the trophy . Several mini miracles in the whole story . Wayne even came out to my church a few weeks ago to worship with us .
Paul Chadem posts some wonderful wood working stuff on my facebook page . He reminded me of the air hockey table he built while a student . Had to drill 2,740 holes and used a heater fan . ( Remember playing PONG at a kiosk at the Granite Run Mall ??) I ’ d love to hear from some of you about a project you worked on , or something you built ... in your shop or another shop ?
In February , I invited Brian Hassel to a community breakfast near his home where I did some comedy . He wrote , “ At 8:30 a . m . I normally have four hours of my day under my belt … maybe only three hours on Saturdays and Sundays . But you will be in my backyard , that is Ed Bateman and Dave Stewart ’ s home church ! Sadly , as of right now , I will not be able to make it . This will be my 30th and FINAL year ( I am FINALLY wising up ) of helping out with the John Morton Winter Survival Encampment as a leader and that does not count the six years I did it as a Boy Scout ! If anything changes , I will try to get there .”
Gordon adds , I wish you could see the picture of her , but I did a show at Saint Joseph ’ s Catholic Church in Aston and a lovely young lady said her father went to Williamson and knew me … and claimed to be funnier than me . It was Hammerin ’ Hanks daughter … who was collecting the cash . And , it is true , few people make me laugh more than Henry . Me ? Heading to Jacksonville , Fla ., Missouri , and Oklahoma next month … then in August will be in Phoenix . If interested , there are some new video ’ s on my YouTube channel ( search Comedian