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Gordon Douglas , 180 + videos including my Tim Tebow show , and appearance on HUCKABEE this past February .) Things are going well and I still believe – THE BEST IS YET TO COME !
Get ready for the reunion - who were these guys ? Pugsley , Fudge Factor , Sarge , The Mushroom kid , The Ebony king , and Roy Boy ? Get out your yearbooks and check out some of the nick names . Hope to see ya all there .
Blessings , Gordon Douglas gordoncomedy @ comcast . net

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Tom Heisner 3645 Worthington Road Collegeville , PA 19426 610-489-9151 Cel : 610-513-2645
Hello , guys ,
Hope this edition finds you and your family healthy and safe . I ’ ve reached out to some of you who I had email contact info for about our class reaching the 45th year since graduation . Hard to believe isn ’ t it . Well , I have heard back from a couple of you . Curtis Ray won ’ t be joining us due to a prior commitment , but Drew Rosenberg and Pete Lunny sound like they will be . In researching the class I discovered that we lost Curt Kint a few years back . I was sorry to hear that we lost one of our Longstreth crew . It would be great if we could get a good showing of 7W7 at the reunion . Details of the reunion can be found on the alumni website . If anyone has contact with fellow classmates please pass along the info . Thanks !
The Alumni Office has been doing an awesome job in putting together events for the alumni to get together and see old classmates . Some examples are happy hours , Phillies barbecue and game , golf outing , Jersey shore get-together . So check out the website and see what opportunities there are to get together . Well , hope this gets in your hands prior to the reunion and would love to hear from you . You can reach out to me theisner3165 @ gmail . com or Facebook .
Tom Heisner C-31

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Bob Duncan 108 Beechtree Dr . Broomall , PA Cell : 267-355-3763 roberteduncan @ verizon . net
I hope everyone is continuing to stay well during what we hope is the final stages of this pandemic . Before reporting on our class updates , I want to make everyone aware that one of our 8W0 classmates was the speaker at this year ’ s Founder ’ s Day ceremony . Tom Goeke was a machine shop student and was a teammate on the football team . Tom has become a very successful businessman and presented a great speech to the current Williamson students during the Founders Day celebration . Tom ’ s speech can be found on the Williamson website . Check it out .
Tom Noden reported that all is good
with his family . Tom ’ s son graduates from Temple this spring . No more tuition and he ’ ll be on his own soon enough . At least the job market is good ! Yes , Tom is also tired of Covid . He did attend several Williamson alumni meetings this past year . Tom said the meetings are interesting and classmates should plan to attend a future meeting . Tom reported that he misses not having Alumni Day . This day has served as his walk down memory lane . The campus has evolved so much , each decade brings a new chapter . As soon as the campus opens up again Tom suggested we have another get-together .
Jim MacArthur reported that they are expecting a new grandchild in May making that grandchild number five . Jim and Trudi hosted a Williamson freshman over the winter break and enjoyed getting a glimpse into the new ways things are being done . I ’ m sure no one is surprised that Jim agreed to host a Williamson student . The student is into old trucks and really liked Bob Fries picture in his truck in the yearbook . When Jim dropped him off in January and saw the campus , he realized how much things have changed with all the building going on . Sounds like a good time for a visit on Alumni Day .
Mike Miller reported that he has been working with John and Vicki Murphy and their company Old Philadelphia Associates for the past 24 years . His three girls are all married with kids , and all five of the grandchildren are girls , not a boy in sight and he said he could not be more fortunate . Mike also performs all of the maintenance and repairs on the kids ’ houses . He never knows when the next phone call might come , but he looks forward to them . Mike is looking forward to getting back to doing some traveling like the rest of us . For now golf on the weekend and chasing grandkids seems to be his primary activities . Mike and Murf did hear from Chris Shivo ’ s son Jake . Chris is doing well after a scare that was touch and go , but is helping his son run his landscaping business . They are still in the Massachusetts area .
Glenn Davis reported that he is planning on retiring as a machinist in a year and a half . His wife hopes to retire in two years . They are surviving the Minnesota winter . He currently has 27 inches of snow on his deck . Nighttime wind chills have hit anywhere from 20 to 40 below zero and occur a little more frequently than they would like . They also have experienced very high winds this winter . They have been out snowshoeing several times . Glenn continues to cross country ski and play hockey . They are also both active in the local church , serving in various capacities that keeps them busy . They are also enjoying four grandkids . No new additions . Glenn ’ s oldest daughter and her husband both work from home so they decided to live in a different state and moved from Madison , Wis ., to Brentwood , Calif ., just east of San Francisco . California sounds like a good place to visit to avoid the Minnesota winter weather . Glenn
Hello Class of ‘ 89 !
I hope this update finds you well . Updates for this edition … I reached out to Terry McCaulley and Mark Piotrowski via the Williamson Tradesmen Connect , which I recommend you all sign up for here ( www . williamson . alumnifire . com ). Terry is doing well with three kids , one stepdaughter , and five grandkids ! He ’ s been happily remarhopes
everyone is doing well in their pursuits . Glenn reported that their faith continues to help them through some tough times .
I hope everyone has a great 2022 . Bob Duncan

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Steven Spiese 20 Alanrose Court Newark , DE 19702 Cell : 302-229-5363 spiese @ aol . com
Greetings Gentlemen ,
I hope you all have been able to weather another winter without too much trouble . By now you should have received a few emails from us and a letter from the school detailing our rapidly upcoming 40th reunion ! If you are reading this , then we have your correct , current address on file . I would ask that if you keep in touch on the regular with fellow 8W2ers , please pass on the information . The event is 6 / 3 / 22 at the Springfield Country Club . If by some chance you haven ’ t heard any info until this writing , please contact me ASAP so I can get you all the pertinent details . I look forward to seeing as many of “ us ” as humanly possible . Mike Clement , our beloved class president , is issuing an executive order for any and all ablebodied class members to attend , with no acceptable excuses listed . Mike is also making a valiant attempt to contact one Charles Zebley to extend an invitation . This should be , gotsta be , an epic event , so get some rest ! Spread the word ! Somebody bring John Coleman !
Now on to the normal class news . If you have been fortunate enough to call it quits in the working world , please drop me a line with your details ( employer , length of service , position title etc .) and I will be almost sure to include your accomplishments in the next Williamsonian . I was fortunate enough to “ graduate ” from the working world in December of 2019 , just in time for COVID to mess up pretty much everything ! Hopefully we are all almost past this incredibly trying times in our lives and ready to rev up and retire and get back to what we did best in the past , have fun !
Please stay safe and we will see you soon ! Love you , Misha ! Miss you , Mom !
Steve Spiese B-80

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Tim Kilgore 3106 Road Runner Walk Missouri City , TX 77459 Cell : 832-421-6503 kilgoreta @ gmail . com
ried for 2.5 years now , living in Tyrone , and working as an industrial electrician with ACCO Brands . Congrats , Terry !
Mark is teaching and , as we all may have learned during the pandemic with home schooling , teachers are way underappreciated and definitely underpaid . Thank you , Mark , for continuing to inspire and lead the future generation !
Layne Linkhorst and family recently moved back to Tamaqua , Pa ., after living in Delaware since graduating . I got an email from John Dezzi and he told me that he played in the Williamson Golf Outing with Jack , Minch , Hoof , Feeg , and Ferry . He failed to mention how their teams did , but I ’ m sure they all had a blast !
Below are some Williamson updates / events that I wanted to pass along .
• PA Williamson License Plates : Applications will be submitted to PennDOT monthly ; standard Williamson plate , $ 40 , vanity Williamson plate : $ 152 ; https :// www . williamson . edu / alumni /
• Alumni Day 2022 : Alumni are welcomed back on campus – June 4th .
• Alumni Association Banquet , Springfield CC – June 4th
• Dale Plummer , director of athletics since 1988 , was named the inaugural recipient of the National Junior College Athletic Association ( NJCAA ) Region 19 Humanitarian Award for his outstanding character and service to others . Congrats to Mr . Plummer !!
I know we are all busy with work , family , kids , grandkids , etc ., but we hope you all would consider making a gift to Williamson this year . It is so simple and only takes a couple of minutes at most . Please go to https :// www . williamson . edu / giving / make-a-gift / to donate today ! Williamson ’ s overall alumni participation is only 22 % and the class of 8W9 is 12 %, so let ’ s all work together to try and get the percentages up . Another simple way to help Williamson is by shopping on Amazon . You can sign up for AmazonSmile . Just go to the top left of your Amazon webpage , click on the three parallel lines , then Programs & Features , AmazonSmile . Enter in “ Williamson College of the Trades ” to select and you ’ re all set . This can be set up both online or using the Amazon app . When you shop at smile . amazon . com , Amazon donates 0.5 % of your eligible purchases to Williamson at no cost to you ! If you have any issues signing up , don ’ t hesitate to call or email and I can forward you a link to make the process easier . Remember , every little bit counts , fellas !
Again , I ask everyone to reach out . We have several ways to get reacquainted , so no excuses . I ’ m recently new to Facebook and I had no idea we already had a 8W9 group and thanks to John Yaletcho for pointing that out ! Please join when you can so we can catch up . There is also Instagram , LinkedIn , Tradesmen Connect , etc . Be proud and share what you have all accomplished - work , family , kids , grandkids , etc . as we ’ d all like to hear from you !