The Well Magazine Winter 2012 | Page 4

Testify Triumph Over Tragedy She lost her marriage, her house and almost her mind, but God turned tragedy into a testimony s I sit on my sofa, looking out of the window into the backyard of the home my husband and I purchased earlier this year, I sometimes wonder to myself, how did I make it this far? You see, I wasn’t supposed to be here, let the devil tell it. No, I was supposed to be somewhere in a deep, dark place, collecting disability and losing my children, my home, my marriage—everything. Well, a lot of that did occur. I did lose my marriage of twenty years. I lost my beautiful home, I almost lost my children, and I almost lost my mind. So many times I have heard women speak of their stories of how they were brokenhearted, left to be a single mom, raising children on their own, struggling, just trying to make ends meet. Yes, I know that story all too well, you see that was me some seven years ago. My husband of twenty years and father of my four children decided that he no longer wanted our marriage. I can remember when we were driving to the counselor on November 23, 2005. I kept saying to myself “This man is getting ready to divorce me.” Well, true enough that was what he told me. After 20 years of marriage and four children, he was ready to turn in the marital towel. The Well Magazine / Winter 2012 A By Saundra Mabry Wow, talk about getting hit by a Mack truck. I felt as if my whole world were crumbling, tumbling, turning inside out, outside in. I felt as if the bottom had been pulled from underneath my feet. I felt as if I couldn’t breathe anymore. I felt hopeless, dejected, rejected. And that was just the beginning of my odyssey of chaos, destruction and confusion. Where Are You, Lord? I cried out to God saying “Why?” Where are you Lord? Where are you Lord? Please help me through this tsunami of confusion. My ex-husband sued for full custody of our children. I lost my car. Eventually, we had to move from our house. I was a stay-at-homemother which is one of the most honorable things I feel a mother can do—just as honorable as a working mother who decides to manage both career and motherhood. Both I respect tremendously. For ten years of my life, I was a soccer mom, basketball mom, baseball mom, cheerleading mom. You name it, I did it. And then all of that came to a screeching halt when I realized, this mom had to get back into the workforce and start all over God truly restored and rebuilt me from the ground up. again from scratch. 4