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Contents Volume 1, Issue 2 WINTER 2012 WINTER 2012 Departments TESTIFY 4 Triumph over Tragedy Features LIVING WELL Spirit 6 Dream Resurrection 10 LIFE AFTER DEATH A mother, a daughter, and a father share how they learned to live again when confronted with the greatest loss. Body 8 Living with Lupus Relationships 24 Does Marriage Matter to God? Marriage 26 Bring Your Marriage Back to Life Edification 27Marriage Resources Inspiration 34 The Resurrection and the Life 18 THE TRANSFORMERS Going to church? Being the church. Men and women working outside the walls of the traditional church to bring the love of Christ to those who need it most. 22 RESTORATION Adultery tore their marriage apart and led to a divorce. One woman tells how God restored her marriage from the death of divorce to new life in Christ. 31 BEYOND THE MOURNERS’ BENCH Is the body of Christ ready for a revival and just what does that look like? Grace Partners 35 Marriage Inc. Follow us on: Subscribe at The Well Magazine is a publication of Copyright 2012 All rights reserved 3 Winter 2012 / The Well Magazine