The Tribe Report 4. The Change Management Issue | Page 17

1 PERFECT TIME FOR A MICROSITE A lot of companies shy away from microsites but they are incredibly useful for contained projects, such as communicating a major change to employees. A microsite can be used to educate and engage employees around a change through updates, content around the change, timelines and a link to ask leadership any questions – basically a one-stop shop for all things about the change. And the best thing about microsites is they don’t have to be permanent. Once they have served their purpose, they can be taken down. 2 HI THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT OK, maybe there isn’t an app for it, but Change Management software does exist. These out-of-the-box solutions, with some customizable capabilities, help monitor progress and timelines and provide companies with an audit trail. Most of the software that exists can be configured to your current workflows. Check out SLAM’s Change Management web-based software at THE TRICKLE DOWN EFFECT 2 LO 1 HELP ME HELP YOU Train or communicate the change to your management level employees and ask them to pass it on to the team members they manage. The manager can decide if an email, in-person meeting or telephone call works best to communicate the change, thus giving the managers the ability to handle the communication in a way they think will work best for their teams. Select advocates throughout the company to be your change champions. Supply them with materials, such as talking points, a packet or an entire suite of resources to help communicate this change to other employees. The advocates become early adopters of the change so not only do you have their buy-in, but they also become the go-to people in the company for more information. 3 UTILIZE YOUR INTERNAL REAL ESTATE Use your company’s intranet or newsletter to communicate with employees about the change within the company. Consider devoting a special section to all things related to the change, like timelines, FAQs and how the change will i