the torch Winter 2017, Issue 4 | Page 18

Entrepreneur gives $1 million to Baylor Scott & White – Grapevine When Wholly Guacamole founder Don Bowden sold his business to Hormel a few years ago, he and his Don Bowden with his late wife, Linda wife, Linda, knew what they wanted to do with the money. “My wife and I decided to give some to our children and the rest to charity,” said Don in his distinctly Fort Worth drawl. One of the charities they chose was Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Grapevine, where Linda was treated several times over the years. After her death in May 2017, Don began following through with their plans. When Steven Newton, president of Baylor Scott & White – Grapevine, met with Don, the guacamole pioneer explained that he’d like to donate $1 million to the hospital. “I was astonished,” Steven said. “We always appreciate being affirmed by family members of those we care for, and that would have been a meaningful gift in and of itself. To have him say that he’d like to make a donation of that size was The Trouble with Avocados Using fresh avocados to make Don founded the company that guacamole and other dishes was 1989. But his experience with fruit’s short shelf life. When he general, goes back to 1966, when he uses high press==ure to kill bacteria Buffets in North Texas. Later, he went with avocados. The process worked, Mercado Juarez restaurants. packaging, allowed him to make amazing.” produced Wholly Guacamole in always troublesome because of the appreciation to employees. To this avocados, and Mexican food in learned of a new technology that opened several Panchos Mexican and preserve food, he gave it a try on to launch the Dos Gringos and and coupled with vacuum-sealed Don made the gift to show his end, hospital leaders established a fund that can be used in areas of greatest need and to help fund scholarships or continuing education for employees. 18