the torch Winter 2017, Issue 4 | Page 17

surgeons do the surgery, and then we understand they can be both an active How is transplant medicine different than other subspecialties? it is hard. It means you don’t have In transplant medicine, you can’t older. I’m enjoying my empty nest take care of you for the rest of your life.” isolate yourself to just a single system. You have to take a holistic approach and incorporate infectious disease, general medicine, dermatology — you have to do everything. It’s a broad approach, yet it’s incredibly specialized at the mother and a full-time physician, but much of a personal life until you get now, except that I just filled it all with work. My husban d and I are trying to figure out how to get that balance back. The only time I really relax is when we go to the beach in Mexico about four times a year. do store-bought. Now that they’re young adults, I’ve asked them if they feel like they were shortchanged. And they said no. They said they were really proud of me. That was nice to hear. I get more validation from my kids than I do from society. What excites you about this trial you’re leading? I’ve been fighting to list hepatitis C same time. It’s the perfect blend of Do you specifically seek out other women to hire? patients as donors for over a year. I care. You find the best person for the job. Of the nine [people on my team], for the American Transplant What advice do you have for other women in your field? three of them are women. I actually Be prepared to always feel guilty. have a sort of United Nations going. Out of nine of us there are probably academic challenge and patient You are always going to feel like you’re not measuring up or doing enough. You’re going to feel guilty at seven different countries, ethnicities and religions represented. work about not getting things done Tell readers a little bit about your family. you’re home, you’re going to feel 21, 23, 29 and 33. I couldn’t do carpool paperwork. Once you can accept three soccer teams and two hockey at home and for your kids. When guilty that you’re behind in your that that’s the norm, then the big weight is off your shoulders. It’s impor tant that women I have five kids, and they’re ages 19, or be a room mom, but I managed teams. I ran Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. I was home at 11 o’clock making cookies because we couldn’t was part of the national work group Congress — and I represented cardiology, heart transplants — by stating that we should use these donors. We should obviously do it in a thoughtful, scientific way, but we should use these donors. The challenge here is that the hepatitis C drugs are only approved for chronic hepatitis. The drug isn’t indicated for transplant recipients. And, therefore, insurance often will not cover it. We have the drugs donated by the company that makes them, but we’re still trying to raise funds for the cost of running the trial. Dr. Shelley Hall with the cardiac tranplant team 17