the torch Winter 2016, Issue 4 - Page 18

PLANNED GIVING Life Savings, Saving Lives helps donors create a legacy at Baylor Life Savings, Saving Lives is the tagline for Baylor Health Care System Foundation’s Gift Planning program. We work with individuals interested in making planned gifts – donations that require more thought and planning to execute. Planned gifts can take many forms: simple bequests in a will or trust, gifts from retirement assets and IRAs, insurance proceeds, charitable gif t annuities and charitable remainder trusts. They can also involve current gifts from non-cash assets like securities, real estate, closely-held businesses and charitable IRA rollovers. Life Savings, Saving Lives is what you and I do when we give back to Cynthia and her daughter, Abigail thank nurses, doctors, researchers, to thank Baylor for changing the courses of our lives and the lives of those we love. For holding our babies as they take their first breaths. For failure for years. He credits his will assist in providing service dogs our first rounds of chemo; for helping his beloved dog for saving not only and developmental limitations. soothing, live music in our hospital express his thanks, Ed made a gift in charitable gift annuities in thanks for Foundation will benefit Canine Don’s life from leukemia. Don just holding our hands as we embark on cardiologist, electrophysiologist and us manage pain and anxiety with his life, but his quality of life. To room; for encouraging us. his will to help others. His gift to the Life Saversʼ Stories Ed Wakin has had hereditary heart Companions for Independence . It ® to adults and children with physical Linda and Don Barnett set up two the physicians and nurses who saved celebrated the 15th anniversary of his bone marrow transplant with his