the torch Winter 2016, Issue 4 | Page 17

the handle. The motor turns a cable h e r e a n d e a r li e r th i s ye a r, bushing on the end of the scope on patients. About six patients have that runs down inside the scope to a turning a spiral segment. “The cable inside the scope is kind of like a speedometer cable,” Dr. DeMarco said. After several iterations, Olympus, the company that now makes the scope, submitted it to the Food and Drug Administration, where it Dr. DeMarco began using the scope undergone endoscopy with the scope, and Dr. DeMarco expects that number to triple by the end of the year. Two other centers — the University of Massachusetts and the University of Florida in Gainesville — are also enrolling patients in the trial. “The company’s next step is to get received preliminary approval (a step this approved by the FDA,” Dr. The Baylor Research Institute manufactured and have one in every before it is fully FDA approved). Institutional Review Board (IRB) has approved its use for a research trial DeMarco said. “And then get it major medical center.” February 25, 2017 AGING MIND FOUNDATION GALA AT THE JOULE HOTEL Benefitting the Baylor AT&T Memory Center May 8 – 10, 2017 CANCER BLOWS MUSICAL EVENTS AT THE MORTON H. MEYERSON SYMPHONY CENTER Benefitting Baylor Health Care System Foundation Send a holiday tribute card to a friend or family member today. When you make a donation of $25 or more to Baylor Health Care System Foundation in honor of a friend or family member this holiday season, he or she will receive a beautiful holiday tribute card announcing your gift. These holiday tribute cards are the perfect way to let someone know you care ... and to help a great cause at the same time.