the torch Summer 2017, Issue 2 | Page 11

“When I was at my first hospital, we asked for a second opinion. And because my condition was so dire, my doctor there told me ... We need to get you to Baylor.’” Twenty-four hours later, a donor heart became available. Most transplant centers try to avoid doing heart transplants on patients who’ve had all the interventions that Tim had, but Tim’s medical team didn’t have a choice. On December 22, the team transplanted a donor’s healthy heart into Tim’s chest. “There are very few programs that are equipped to treat high-risk patients like Tim Gallagher,” said Shelley Hall, M.D., chief of Transplant Cardiology at Baylor Dallas. “We have a fantastic team. We have a talented group of cardiologists, surgeons, nurse practitioners and nurses, and we try to optimize every risk factor we can to bring high-risk patients into an acceptable range to transplant.” “When I was at my first hospital, we asked for a second opinion. And because my condition was so dire, my doctor there told me there wasn’t a laundry list of doctors that I could see. He said, ‘We need to get you to Baylor,’” Tim recalled. His doctor also credits Tim’s healthy lifestyle for his survival. He had and eating better shortly before his hear t attack, fat had been accumulating for years and had already taken its toll on his heart. — Tim Gallagher High-Risk Transplant Surgery Though Tim had begun exercising “It was a real eye-opener,” Tim said. Since his transplant, Tim has started an exercise regimen six maintained a healthy weight and is no had never smoked and was otherwise board of directors found a new CEO he had no other medical complications however, Tim remains a shareholder months prior to his heart attack. He longer working full time. Tim and the healthy. His health and the fact that to run the company he’d founded; were saving graces for him. and is active on the board. Seeing His Old Heart Though few people will ever get to see their own heart, Dr. Roberts said, Six months after his surgery, Tim “I hope they all have Mr. Gallagher’s One of his physicians asked him if I hope they feel how lucky they are.” “You’re damn right I want to see my at Baylor that’s significant,” said Tim, In June 2015, Tim and Greyson met transplant. “It’s also the Baylor feet tall and weighs 180 pounds, that provides world-class customer native heart was too small for his I’ve ever exper-ienced. The doctors, the size of a woman’s heart. It weighed center are like an extended family.” learned of the Heart to Heart program. he’d like to see his old heart. reaction and live healthier lives. And “It’s not only getting my new heart heart,” was Tim’s reply. who is now two years out from his Dr. Roberts in his lab. Tim, who’s 6 support system after transplantation learned something unusual — that his service — the best customer service frame. Dr. Roberts said it was about nurses and staff at the transplant 100 grams less than an average man’s heart. Dr. Roberts, who, in addition to running the Heart to Heart program, is the executive director of the Baylor Heart and Vascular Institute, also pointed out an issue that’s a little more common: the fatty tissue surrounding Tim’s heart. 11 For more information about transplant initiatives, contact Melissa Dalton at 214.820.2705 or [email protected].