the torch Summer 2017, Issue 2 | Page 10

Patient lives to see his ‘native heart’ Dallas resident Tim Gallagher recently held his own heart in his hands. At first he didn’t realize it was his heart. He’d been eyeing it during a visit with William C. “Bill” Roberts, M.D., in a small lab on the Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas campus. “Dr. Rober ts was explaining different things about a heart, using a pointer to show me one aspect or another,” Tim recalled. “Then I said, ‘Wait. Is that my heart?’” In fact, it was his native heart. Tim’s Dr. Amrinder Amrinder Binda, Binda, Greyson Greyson Gallagher, Gallagher, Dr. Tim Gallagher Gallagher and and Dr. Dr. Bill Bill Roberts Roberts Tim “new” heart was from an anonymous Tim Gallagher’s “nati