THE SEO AUDIT 1 - Page 2

These are key principles to follow after the release of the Penguin and Panda algorithms – proper use of this information can save you thousands of dollars of revenue per month on your websites. This is a compilation of critical success factors needed to function on the Web – an all-in-one document essential for successful operations. 1. Websites should have at least six pages of well written content of 400-800 words per page and lots of related keywords on those pages. 2. Websites need a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. 3. Websites should have customer reviews or customer testimonials. 4. Websites need an About Us page with pictures and a history of the business. 5. WordPress sites with the All in One SEO Plugin installed and switched on are favored. 6. Keyword density of 2 to 5% - anything over 5% is too much. 7. Streamlined website structure (not too many ads on the upper fold). 8. No duplicate content or if so under a minimal amount. 9. Excess use of search tags at the bottom of a web page (with keywords listed) is voted against by this algorithm. 10. Although Google ignores meta keywords, if you list more than 2-4 it can lead to a penalty. 11. The keywords tag isn’t used by search engines and in fact actually gives your competitors data on the keywords you are targeting. 12. Internal link errors – broken links will penalize a site.