THE SEO AUDIT By David Meade In order to have a preeminent website, time should be spent developing a profile of the health of your website. Continually auditing a site can produce exceptional results – an upwardly mobile ranking in the search results. Performing a full search engine optimization audit of your website on a regular basis, perhaps at least once every six months, or at the most annually, is key to maintaining your web presence and maintaining your organic search engine rankings. There are a variety of reasons why you really need to perform a full SEO audit of your website:  Algorithms are constantly updated through a series of iterations  The rules change from year to year  Content on your site changes  You need metrics to determine where you now stand  Remediating problem areas will clean up your profile  Your website rankings haven’t changed and you would like some more business  You need a fresh set of eyes that can take a look and see any problems that you cannot see  Your competitors are exceeding your traffic levels  It helps your business grow with an extremely small investment