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One woman's Story

Ashante Williams is a High school Graduate from San Francisco that always had her head firm on her shoulders. She always strived to become something great, but things wasnt so smooth going for her.

Ashante Williams

Her whole life Ashante has had struggles with her education. Ashante has moved around different parts of California since she was young due to her families need for housing. In with her moving around her whole life, she has attended various schools and was never able to stay at one school for more than a year, so she had difficulty focusing on her education and didn't earned enough credits to graduate high school with the rest of her graduating class. She eventually moved back to San Francisco with the rest of her family to live with her grandmother in the summer of 2009.

Shortly when she went back, her grandmother was diagnosed with liver cancer. She was devastated and made a vow to her grandmother that she would take care of her grandmother and to complete high school She later enrolled into June Jordan School for Equity to get her high school diploma.

She loved it there but, later on in her high school career she had complications with some of the students and desided to transfer to

Majoring in Nursing

Langston University