The Scoop November 2015 - Page 4


BY Yonglin Chen

Don't Act Surprised


October 1st in regards to this tragedy. Harper-Mercer committed suicide after an open fire with the local police, but this case is far from being closed.

No sex, no girlfriend, with a hint of a mental illness. It’s the same cover story they write for the next Caucasian kid that shoots up a school. “He shouldn’t have to have to go through that,” Harper-Mercer’s step-sister, Carmen Nesnick, expresses the night after the shooting (The New York Times). The statement seemingly calls for sympathy towards the shooter, but what of the ten that lay dead in

Oregon Nightmare

Here’s the kicker, God can’t help you this time. Christopher Harper-Mercer marches into Professor Lawrence Levine’s composition class last Thursday and delivers the billion dollar question, “Are you Christian?!?” It would’ve been a nice prompt to start October off with if, Harper-Mercer hadn’t planned to use blood as ink. The remnants from the gunshot wounds painted the walls and floors in Roseburg, Oregon’s Umpqua Community College. Harper-Mercer certainly did miss roll call that day and arrived late to his classroom with the intent to kill a good portion of his schoolmates. Authorities received the first call at 10:38am on October