The Scoop December 2016 - Page 6

Winter Collection 2016 2016

The weather is getting chilly, announcing the arrival of Winter. I will be going over the different styles of clothing for the season. Here in san francisco, the temperatures get as low as 50-55 fahrenheit. Here are some trendy-- yet warm, styles to help you brave the cold.

For males, they usually layer with a oversized tee-shirt, hoodie and another piece of clothing over the hoodie. This winter, something that has became more trendy are flannels. They go great with jeans and it can be worn formally or casually. When it comes to winter, brands usually do winter collections. Majority of the brands that made winter collections make parkas, coats, windbreakers, denim jackets and puffy jackets. For shoes chelsea boots are getting into fashion for the winter. As a kid that likes clothing, in the winter I usually wear a hoodie, flannel, windbreaker, black jeans and vans for the winter so I can stay warm. Here are some brands that are becoming more and more trendy over the winter, brands such as Vans, Converse, Adidas, Nike, Bape, Supreme, AntiSocial Social Club, concert merchandise, Fear of God, Band tees (Metallica,Iron Maiden,etc), Vintage shirts, Jordans, etc.